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Food and produce bags, also know as Butcher Bags or Food Counter Bags as they are most commonly seen used at fish and meat counters in supermarkets or to package meat for customers in traditional butcher shops. are designed to keep food fresh, safe and clean. Produce packaging provides a safe hygienic environment for food throughout the product life it will contain any leakage that might occur during shipment or at any other time. Our selected food and produce bags supplier offer them as three main categories:

Classic Range Produce Bags

Primarily used as food liners, these thin but strong white high density bags come in an easy to use hygienic pack for one-at-a-time use

Premier Range Produce Bags

These bags are thicker and stronger normally supplied in a yellow outer dispenser pack. They are generally used by butchers and supermarkets.

Produce Bags on a Roll

Produce bags on the roll are traditionally used by food shops and supermarkets as counter bags for wrapping and packing produce and groceries.

Poly Gloves

Buy poly gloves

Whether you prefer people not to directly touch the food you sell or for food preparation and hygiene requirements you could use poly gloves which are supplied in handy dispenser packs, they will help food stay clean and clear from contamination.


Discount Food Bags

Discount Food Bags provides free and accurate information about food and produce bags. Visit the wbesite for lots of information about food bags or buy food and produce packaging at discounted prices from recommended suppliers.

Discount Carrier Bags

Source carrier bags at manufacturers prices. Find the best suppliers of polythene bags, plastic carrier bags and shopping bags. Also offers a buyers guide with information on the different types of carriers and printed carriers available.

Discount Printed Carrier Bags

Website dedicated to offer you complete discount suppliers of plasitc carrier bags. Whether you are looking for basic carrier bags or exotic print carrier bags, you will find everything on this website.

Retail Bags

Website providing you with the best suppliers of discount shopping bags. Contains information on where to source alternative packaging products such as environmentally-friendly and promotional shopping bags.

Research & Resources

For more detailed information, articles, news and websites about the polythene packaging industry we provided a selection of useful resources. The websites here presented were built with polythene packaging in mind and they are here to help you finding the best net bags manufacturer, or any other packaging material you may need. We also included a polythene packaging online magazine with lots of articles to try and answer questions you might have about any kind of packaging. plastic packaging directory where users and businesses can easily add their packaging product listings for free. Find useful websites about speciallist bags and packaging at


A private bank of interesting unusual and off-beat websites. GoldStork allows your organisation to provide a gateway for web visitors wishing to access the publicly available areas of all the websites in your online portfolio.


An online magazine with news and articles regarding the flexible polythene packaging industry.

Eco Friendly Alternatives

Protection of the environment is an important issue and although it often experiences a bad press due to ignorance, packaging made out of plastic and polythene is actually one of the most efficient forms of packaging (due to its very low carbon footprint) and the ability to recycle. The following sites specialise in "green packaging" (environmentally-friendly) packaging:


Environmental bags is a website specialising in compostable, biodegradable and degradable bags. It discusses the use of green bags, what biodegradable and degradable really means and where to buy good quality environmentally-friendly bags.


All your questions about biodegradable bags and degradable plastics answered - why we should use them, how they work, which ones are really eco-friendly, plus the best discount prices and deals on biodegradable bags and other environmentally friendly packaging.